Why Medel®

More than 50 years of history

Medel is the brand that since 1966 designs, produces and distributes medical equipment dedicated to the health and well-being of children, adults and the elderly.

Medel develops Vaporil: the first aerosol therapy system for home usage
Medel develops the first compact and portable aerosol device
Medel develops its first blood pressure monitor device
The first ultrasonic aerosol is launched
The first portable micro-compressor aerosol dispenser is launched
Medel boasts a complete line of aerosols and blood pressure monitor devices for family and professionals
New products: blood pressure and ECG measuring devices, pulse oximeters, diagnostic body weight scales and portable aerosols with a lithium battery.
The Medel Connect line born: a range of products for modern and innovative health management.


Since 1966 Medel is among the leaders in the production of medical devices for domestic use. Mission of the company is to design and develop constantly innovative products responding to each patients’ needs. In the new and modern headquarter in Milan, export and domestic business units and an expert team of engineers, work together to guarantee a continuous innovation and a direct quality control on all the products.


Today Medel brand is present in more than 70 countries all over the world. The target is to expand the worldwide presence establishing strong relationships with selected and exclusive partners.

Italian design, German engineering

Starting from January 2016 Medel International, belonging exclusively to the German Group Beurer, became owner of the brands Medel, Mebby and Zeiner Medical.

The company Beurer, with headquarter in Germany, has stood for innovative products in the health and well-being sectors for over 96 years and is currently present all over the world through its subsidiaries and distributors. The group turnover, doubled in the last years, has reached this year 230 million euro; a signi- ficant part of it is spent every year in the research and development of the products which are well known for the high quality level, innovation and exclusive design. Medel brand will also benefit of such investment and, thanks to this synergy (Italian design with German technology), will further expand its product range in the name of quality and innovation.

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