Cardio Watch

Activity sensor with pulse indicatori

Smartwatch for fitness

CARDIO WATCH is the fitness watch with an internal sensor that can monitor your heart rate at any time, directly from your wrist.

It detects and records daily physical activity and is the ideal tool to get a complete picture of your health: it measures your steps, the route is taken, the duration of ‘activity and the achievement of’ daily goal, with integrated movement reminder to stay active during the day.  Medel Cardio Watch also helps to monitor the quality of sleep (light, deep or waking) with the ability to set the desired alarm directly from the watch.

Technical specifications

Clock mode
Date, time and battery status display
Heart rate
Pulsation indicator (beats per minute)
Movement tracker
Display of number of steps, distance travelled and active time
Consumo calorico
Calories consumption
Sleep mode
Alarm setting and evaluating sleep
Power supply
Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
36 g (cable included)

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