Portable aerosol therapy system

Ultra-compact aerosol therapy system with micro-compressor

Medel SMART is an ultra-compact aerosol therapy system with micro-compressor, easy to operate and quiet. The device easily fits the palm of your hand, weighs only 200 g and is very easy to carry, particularly suitable for travelling. Medel Smart is wireless, battery operated, and can be recharged comfortably like a mobile phone, thanks to the power supply adapter with micro USB cable included in the package. MEDEL Smart comes with a complete set of accessories and a practical bag that allows you to store the device and the accessories after use.

Technical features

Aerosol output
0,15 ml
Output rate
0.03 ml/min
Nebulization rate
0,25 ml/min
Particles size (mmad)
4,12 micron
Fine particles fraction (fpf)
Operative pressure
0,4 bar
Noise level
45 dBA
Minimum filling volume
2 ml
Maximum filling volume
6 ml
Operative mode
30 min. on / 30 min. off
200 gr
4,5 x 5,3 x 9,8 cm
Single charge duration
45 min.

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