Ultrasonic humidifier

The ultrasonic humidifier with aroma compartment

AIR by Medel is an ultrasonic air humidifier able to bring the room humidity to an optimal level.
Our ambient air in fact often becomes too dry when using indoor heating , causing some disorders like dry skins, congestions, asthma and allergies.
Using AIR by Medel you will restore the right humidity level and feel good at home!
Including 15 aroma pads suitable for aroma oils.


Adjustable mist volume by knob
Automatic stop working
Aroma box
Humidification output max
200 ml/h
Water Tank Capacity
ca. 2lt
Noise level
35 dBA
Rated Power
ca. 20 Watt
Rated Frequency
Applicable area
20 m²
21 x 11 x 25,5 cm

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